Three days Virtual Multi-disciplinary National Conference
The environment we live in today is incredibly dynamic and continually drives for positive change. Unfortunately, the world's vibrancy has also led to it becoming the 'VUCA’ world, which stands for Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous, all of which may appear alike but cater to various sets of challenges and hurdles that a society or mankind may encounter.
Consistency and endurance in a VUCA world are not easy to accomplish from the standpoint of society. Unpredictable conditions are a major component of the VUCA environment, driving a society to alter, innovate, and conserve its capabilities. In a society that is rapidly being defined by a positive push for inclusivity and the abolition of prejudice and discrimination, mankind is finding itself in hot water for concerns that were minor or surprisingly common in the previous century. With a growing percentage of the population concerned about issues such as climate change, labor exploitation, cultural landscape, and an overall critical view of exploitative nature, it is reasonable to assume that our society is moving toward a more sustainable model of operation that will lead to innovation. The virtual national conference seeks to promote, encourage, and bring together scholars and academicians to share knowledge, ponder, and recommend a variety of themes and current trends addressing creative practices and social sustainability in this VUCA world.

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November 3Oth, 2021

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