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Naipunnya A Profile
In the classical language, Sanskrit, Naipunnya means 'dexterity', 'expertise' or 'mastery'. Naipunnya as the name signifies, aims at professionalism, discipline and holistic development of the student. The institute is unique in its approach towards professionalism whereby all get a platform to refine and mould their talents.

Naipunnya aims to become a dynamic center of excellence by motivating the youth to attain their dreams with the support of innovative and quality training programs. We mould students into successful and vibrant professionals by providing them with a perfect launching pad of learning, creativity, discovery and leadership skills. The motto rings loud and clear "To reach the unreached ''.

Vicar of the Major Archbishop for the Archeparchy of Ernakulam-Angamaly
The Management
Those who guide and grow the Naipunnya Family
          Rev. Fr. Baiju George                  Ponthempilly             
           Ex. Director & Principal
          The Lamp that leads us towards            the unreached.             
           Fr. Sebastian (Jijo)                       Kallarackal          
            Asst. Ex. Director
             The Motivation that help us to                 do more…              
         Mrs. Pushpa John

           Vice Principal
          The encouragement that help                 us to grow more… 
          Fr. Varghese (Sherin)                Puthenpurackal
           Programme Coordinator
            The guide that help us to be                     happy always…
Vision & Mission
We aim to be a National Centre of Excellence for value based, inclusive and holistic eduction and research, moulding our students into highly proficient and responsible global citizens.
Accomplish intellectual and professional excellence by creating an insightful, facilitating and mentoring, yet disciplined academic atmosphere. 

Cultivate a spirit of inquiry, advocacy and scientific temper among the members of the College. 

Execute academic and administrative plans and policies in an environment of transparency, equity and fairness. 

Ensure maximum resource efficiency as a responsibility towards the future of the society. 

Enhance awareness about human rights, cultural and spiritual heritage, and the environment. 

Develop leadership qualities among the students to be the change leaders of tomorrow and equip them to meet the challenges of a world without frontiers. 

Leverage cutting edge technologies for dissemination of knowledge and for instructional methods. 

Create and maintain physical infrastructure which will support the Vision and Mission, and will be symbolic of the College’s aspirations.
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